Center of Information and Resources



Research / Seminar / Forum




The center is open to every person involved in the Culture environment for information, orientation, advice or training. The center is an interface for all components of the world of culture, a place for exchange and structuring of the sector, through:


• A network of national and international correspondent.

• A database of contacts constantly updated, which is an indispensable tool in the structuring of our industry. The database provides cultural actors, how to identify each other's activities (artists, labels, business, media, associations, schools ...), and create contacts with these partners for the development of their projects.

Specialized library with several books related to the sector is under construction (law, technique, cultural management and policies ...). The library will collect, preserve and provide access to different types of media (written, audio and video recordings), many cultural testimonies, various works and resources collected and presented to the public who can consult the collections on the spot and/or borrow them.

A program of conferences, seminars, and symposiums related to the sector and led by specialists.


Regarding information, the center's activity is reflected primarily around publications and training. The center designs and produces studies, reports, directories, professional and thematic guides. Based on its expertise and observation skills, the center intervenes in a dynamic and personalized manner, putting its resources into the service of:


• Individuals: (artists, project leaders, cultural entrepreneurs, cultural mediators, researchers) the center offers full advisory and guidance:


- Place of reception (advice and consultation),

- Factsheet, also available on the site

- Personal interviews (by appointment)


Institutions, professionals and organizing structures in the framework of collective issues of general interest within the sector, for which the center offers its expertise in the field of professional action:


  • Actions driving

  • Conducting studies

  • Developing tools

  • Organization of conferences

  • Promotion of projects of general interests and / or inter-professional projects.

Based on past experiences from the Festival sur le Niger in terms of organization of scientific forums of discussion and exchange leading to concrete recommendations, the Centre now manages such an activity and develops it.