The creation of the Centre Culturel Kôrè in Ségou subscribes to the vision of the Foundation Festival sur le Niger, which is to promote and develop the artistic and cultural professions in Ségou, Mali, and the world.

The Centre Culturel Kôrè is dedicated to the development of arts and culture, research and artistic production in Ségou.

The Center is open for everyone: artists and cultural actors in Mali and elsewhere seeking to expand their work.

Located at the entrance to the city of Ségou, coming from Bamako, the CCK has 4 buildings made up of red mud, built in a beautiful Sudano -Sahelian architectural style:

• A common room
• A showroom / museum,
• A recording studio that features the latest technologies
• A multipurpose room that can facilitate exhibitions, lectures, performances.

The CCK comprises the following departments:

• Visual Arts
• Performing Arts
• Heritage: Music, Dance, Puppetry
• Vocational Training/ Arts Education
• Recording Studio